Beau Pilgrim Photography & Design




Beau Pilgrim is an international award-winning photographer specialising in photography and filmmaking in, on and around water. Beau’s photography is driven by a love for the outdoors coupled with an extreme sense of adventure. Photography has taken him around the world working with, & being featured by reputable brands and international publications including National Geographic, Red Bull, Corona, XXXX GOLD, World Surf League, Fiji Airways, TODAY Show, Huffington Post, Ocean Magazine, STAB Magazine,, 9News and Sydney Morning Herald.

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Beau’s shots have won prizes and acclaim from ‘Australian Geographic’, ‘Siena International’, ‘Nature’s Best Photography’, ‘Asferico’, ‘Beneath the Sea’, ‘Our World Underwater’ and ‘Deep Indonesia’.

Beau takes an innovative approach to design, using his photography to partner with leading manufacturers to create stunning, custom fine-art installations for commercial and home living spaces. His positive attitude and can-do approach mean no idea is too crazy. Hit him up with your wild ideas and see them turn into reality.

Beau’s been taking photos his whole career, starting out with medical imaging in Nuclear Medicine, then swapping the gamma camera for a dSLR, and the hospital lab for the outdoors. When he’s not behind the lens, Beau can be found kitesurfing, skydiving and waterskiing.