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Glass Splashback FAQ


So you like the idea of a customised printed glass splashback, what’s the process?


Step 1. Image selection & customisation

What images do I have to select from?

A popular selection of images are available in the splashback gallery. You can also browse Beau’s social media collection on Facebook & Instagram. Beau Pilgrim is an underwater photographer and the majority of his collection is ocean inspired imagery, though he does have other types of photography in his collection. Each splashback has the option to include a signature. This showcases the splashback as a piece of art identifying the artist and adding value to your masterpiece.


Can’t see exactly what I want on the website, do you have more images?

Yes, it’s hard to put everything online, therefore tell us what you’re looking for in a couple of sentences, and we can send a tailored selection to you.


I like an image but I’m not sure about the colour, what can be done?

Each image can be customised and textured images in particular can be easily altered to suit any colour palette. Once you have selected an image, advise us of your colour palette and we will send through a selection of different colour versions.


If I want to use my own photo, what resolution, or size does it need to be?

The best way is to email the image and we can let you know if the resolution is appropriate.


I’ve found the image I like, what happens now?

We offer the ability to let you see your splashback in a mock-up before you go ahead, so you know exactly what your splashback space is going to look like. All you need to do is send a photo of your splashback area and we will super-impose the image onto your photo. Still in construction phase? No problem. If you have a computer generated image or plans of your kitchen or bathroom, a mock-up may still be possible.


Are all the images the same price?

Yes all the images are the same price. The cost of printing depends on surface area and image selection doesn’t change this.


I don’t have an image with the appropriate resolution but would really like a picture taken of a particular location, can you help?

Sure can. Custom images can be arranged at an additional charge, and depend on time and location.


Step 2. Final Measure

Can I include cutouts for power points, taps & shower fittings?

Yes, DecoGlaze use precise water-jet technology to accurately cut out custom power points, taps, shower fittings and towel racks. These are all taken into account with your final measure. Cut-outs do require an additional charge and will be included in your quote before you go ahead.


I’m happy with an image, how do I organise a final measure?

The first step in the process is working directly with the Beau Pilgrim Designs team to see a mock-up of your design where you can see how the image will look with any power point cut outs. You will then give the all clear for the design before we organise a final measure with DecoGlaze.


At what point in the construction phase is the final measure done?

The final measure is done after all construction is completed and bench tops installed. This ensures the measurements are accurate and the splashback will fit perfectly.


What is the lead time from final measure to installation?

The lead time from final measure to installation is 10-12 days. Production commences once the contract is signed and the deposit is received.


Can the splashbacks be placed in an outdoor area?

Yes, we commonly install splashbacks in outdoor alfresco areas. We advise the splashback be undercover where the glass will not be exposed to heavy rain.


What’s next?

It’s time for the final measure to accurately measure the space with the latest laser technology. The final measure is conducted by a specialist from DecoGlaze, Australia’s leading glass splashback manufacturer.


Step 3. Production & Installation

Who manufactures the Splashback?

The final measure, production and installation of your splashback is done by DecoGlaze, who are based in Seven Hills with franchises across Australia. DecoGlaze, established in 1998, have remained the leaders in the glass splashback industry for past 19 years.


How long does production of my splashback take?

Once the final measure is completed, production will take around 10 days. We say allow 10-12 working days between final measure and installation.


What is the largest size splashback/feature I can have?

The maximum length per panel is 3650mm x 1500mm. This doesn’t mean a bigger wall or space can’t be done, it will just require a panel join. The only other consideration when thinking about the size is site access, so elevators or stairwells in apartment buildings may affect the installation.


How thick is the splashback/glass installations?

The toughened glass is 6mm in thickness. There is also a 3mm adhesive used to attach the glass. Thickness is 9mm in total.


Can the splashback be installed over existing tiles?

Yes, this is a common installation. Our splashbacks can be installed on any surface provided it is flat.


How will my splashback be installed?

The splashbacks are installed using a combination of concealed fixings, double sided tape and neutral silicone. All of the perimeter is sealed, meaning no moisture or water can get in behind, which could cause it to delaminate.


Do your splashbacks come with a warranty?

Yes, we provide a 5 year warranty on all our splashbacks.


What type of printer is used for the printed glass splashback?

Our splashbacks are printed using a UV LED digital printer, providing superior resolution & detail. A paper proof section of the print can be provided to show a true representation of the colours and quality when blown up.


I have power point/s and other areas that the splashback needs to go around, how does this work?

These are custom cut and is all taken into account with your final measure. Cut-outs do require an additional charge and will be included in your quote before you go ahead. (Not needed as already mentioned above)


I love the designs & artwork, but already have a splashback. Can they be framed & wall hung instead?

Yes, Beau Pilgrim Photography & Design also specialises in fine art framing & mounting. All images can be framed, mounted to acrylic or printed to aluminium/canvas. Visit for more information.